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Linear Brushless Series Drives

Modes of Control: External sine commutation (two-phase current mode), +/-10 VDC for current (torque) or velocity (RPM) Feedback Devices: Hall Sensors, incremental quadrature encoder, and encoder commutation tracks Current Loop Bandwidth: 10 kHz nominal, varies with the motor inductance Input Voltage Range: +/-20 to +/-75 bipolar VDC
Model Number Package Configuration Input Voltage Cont. Current
SMA6520-50HS Module +/-20 to +/-55 Bipolar VDC 10 A
SMA6520-50HS Multi-Axis 14-39 VAC from transformer with center tap 10 A
SMA6520-50HF Module +/-25 to +/- 75 Bipolar VDC 10 A

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