Frequently Asked Questions

Glentek’s servo motors and drives and used in all areas of industrial automation, please contact a Sales Engineer for assistance.

Brush servo motors are usually less expensive and have higher inertias than brushless servo motors.

Because brushless motors are electrically commutated, they can run at higher voltages and higher speeds than brush servo motors. They are also quieter and require less maintenance due to the lack of brushes.

Glentek manufactures Permanent Magnet Brush and Brushless DC motors.  Some refer to Brushless DC motors as AC.

There should be minimal mechanical noise. If there is electrical noise, you may need to adjust your gains. Try reducing the Compensation Gain.

If the thermal switch trips, the drive will report a motor over temperature fault.  If this continues, you may need a larger motor for your application.

Motors do run hot when driving a large load. They may even get too hot to touch by hand. However, the motor is protected by an internal thermal switch.

Your gains may be too high, try reducing the compensation gain.

Torque is the product of the motor’s torque constant (Kt) multiplied by the current being delivered from the drive (Ic).

To start out, clamp the motor to a bench, disconnect any coupling or linkage from the motor shaft, and setup the drive to run in Current (Torque) Mode.

4, 6, and/or 8, depending on the motor frame size.

Glentek puts the customer first. Everything we do is in support of our customer. Utilizing more than 100 years of servo expertise, we work closely with our customers to provide a product that meets or exceeds their needs and maximizes performance.

Glentek regularly supplies both servo drives and servo motors for CNC machine tools, lathes, and metal working applications, antenna positioning systems, medical and healthcare applications, semiconductor, AGV’s (Automated Guided Vehicles), AMR’s (Autonomous Mobile Robots), metrology systems, power generation and alternative energy sources, as well as dozens of other industries.

Our Sales and Engineering Teams, with over 100 years of industry experience, work closely together with our customer to first find a standard product which meets their requirements. In the event a standard product is not sufficient to meet the requirements, we work with the customer to design a semi-custom or fully custom solution.

Yes. Glentek’s pricing structure favors bulk purchases, which may be scheduled over a 12-month period. Our discount multiplier is very steep.

Yes. All purchases require a purchase order.

Yes. Many of our OEM customers enjoy Net 30 payment terms. Each case is carefully reviewed by our credit committee.

Glentek is a build-to-order manufacturer and our typical lead times are 4-weeks ARO (after receipt of order) and can vary based upon production load. Oftentimes we can expedite prototypes for new designs. This positions Glentek ahead of the industry average.

No. Our advanced algorithms and years of experience allow our products to be used in just about any application. Extreme environments, such as operating at temperatures to -40C or exposure to the elements, sometimes require custom solutions. We have a long history of working with our customers to ensure that our products meet or exceed their specifications and do not fail prematurely.

No. Our products are used throughout the world.

No. MotionMaestro has an easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface) for setting up and monitoring the drive and motor. There is even a “Wizard” to assist with initial set-up as well as a very informative “Help” section.

Extremely easy. There is an Install Shield, set-up wizard, a user manual as well as video tutorials which can be accessed from our website if needed.

If a customer encounters any issues or concerns with a Glentek product, our team is standing by to assist and just a phone call away.

MotionMaestro is the best interface to set up, tune, and monitor our digital servo drives. However, it is not required and depends on the customer’s needs. Many products ship from the factory with all the parameters pre-set. Therefore, many customers never need to connect their drive to MotionMaestro.

Although it is usually in the customer’s best interest to purchase the servo motor and servo drive from the same manufacturer, all of our products may be used independently.