Glentek Replacements for Industry Standard Brushless Servo Motors

Need to replace a competitor’s motor?

Use our handy cross-reference guide to find the perfect Glentek replacement for the motor that may no longer be available.

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Use this Cross Reference guide to find the right Glentek replacement for your Brushless Servo Motors.
Glentek Series Kollmorgen Parker Control Techniques/Nidec MTS/Custom Motors Allied Motion Emerson ElectroCraft
GMB2005 AKM20 QB02300 DXM208
GMB2010 AKM21 M70 XX 0.5 055EDA MPM662 QB02301 RPP23-98
GMB2015 AKM22 NT-207 MPM663 HMP06-007, QB02302 RPP23-118
GMB2020 AKM23 M70 XX 01 055EDB MPM664 QB02303 RPP23-154
GMB2030 AKM24 M70 XX 1.5 055EDC, NT-212 MPM666 HMP06-015
GMB3515 AKM41 NT-320 MPM891 QB03401 DXM316 RPP34-426
GMB3530 AKM42 089EDA, NT-330 MPM892 HMP08-028 DXM340 RPP34-568
GMB3545 AKM43 089EDB, NT-340 MPM893 HMP08-035
GMB4525 AKM51 M105 XX 06 115E3B, 115U3B MPM1141 HMP10-056, QB05601 DXM455
GMB4550 AKM52 M105 XX 08 MPM1142 HMP10-075, QB05602 DXM490
GMB4560 AKM53 115E3C, 115U3C, 115EDB QB05603 DXM4120
GMB4575 AKM54 115E3D, 115U3D, 115EDC MPM1143
GMB5627 AKM62 M145 XX 15 142E3C, 142U3C MPM1421 DXM6120
GMB5654 AKM63 M145 XX 22 142E3D, 142E3E, 142U3D, 142U3E, 142EDC MPM1422
GMB5681 AKM64 M145 XX 28 142EDD MPM1423
GMB56108 AKM65 142EDE MPM1424
GMB7530 AKM72 M205 XX 50 190E3D, 190EDC MPM1901
GMB7560 AKM73 M205 XX 70 190E3G, 190EDD MPM1902
GMB7590 AKM74 M205 XX 90 190E3H, 190EDE MPM1903
GMB75120 MPM1904