Glentek Replacements for Baldor Motors

Need to replace a Baldor motor?

Use our handy cross-reference guide to find the perfect Glentek replacement for the Baldor motor that may no longer be available.

Baldor Motors and Drives

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Baldor to Glentek Cross Reference

Use this Cross Reference guide to find the right Glentek replacement for your Baldor motor.
Baldor Motor Model Baldor Item Glentek Item No. Glentek Model No.
MTE-2240-BLBCN 52P321Z005G1 30279 GM2320-7-02407410-368A
M-2250-ACYC 52P141Z003 30281 GM2340-11-00006310-370A
MK-2250-BCBCN 30280 GM2340-8-00406410-369A
MT-3363-BLYCN 30186 GM3340-30-02008310-360A
MTE-3363-BLBCN 53P500Z024G1 30179 GM3340-30-02408410-358A
MTEB-3363-BLBCN 30158 GM3340-30-12408410-355A
MTEB-33*-*LBCN 30152 GMR3340-27-12401410-348A
MT-4060-BLYBE 54P059Z015G2 30258 GM4020-39-02009101-363A
M-4070-BLYCE 30273 GM4040-41-00006811-366A
MTE-4070-BLBCE 54P062Z016G1 30277 GM4040-41-02402511-344A
MTE-4070-BCBBE 7587 GM4040-41-02406101-321A
MTE-4070-BLDCE 30116 GM4040-41-02602511-344A
MEB-4070-BLBCE 30275 GM4040-41-10409511-344A
MT-4090-BLYCE 54LYP050 30230 GM4050-38-02009811-362A
MTE-4090-BLACE 54LYP062 30178 GM4050-38-02202511-344A
MTE-4090-BLBBE 7150 GM4050-38-02402111-294A
MTE-4090-BLBCE 54P706Z104 30227 GM4050-38-02402511-344A
MTE-4090-BXYBE (SPEC.) 54P146Z017 30276 GM4050-38-02806101-367A
M-4525-CTYCN 55P628Z101 30272 GM4040-41-00006810-365A
ME-4525-CTBCN 30113 GM4040-41-00406811-343A
ME-4525-CTBCS 30113 GM4040-41-00406811-343A
MEB-4525-CTBCN 30274 GM4040-41-10406810-343A
MEB-4525-CTBCS   30267 GM4040-41-10406811-343A
MT-4535-BNYCS 55P755Z013 30119 GM4050-60-03005811-346A
MTE-4535-DNACS 55P1312004 30176 GM4050-32-02206511-357A
MT-4545-CTY*S 30154 GM4060-41-02006101-351A
MT-4545-CTYCN 55LYP537 30131 GM4060-41-03006810-349A