Linear Brush Series Drives

Glentek offers the latest in high performance Linear Brush Servo Drives for the control of both DC brush servo motors and voice coil motors. With extensive utilization of surface mount technology and special heat transfer techniques, Glentek’s Linear Brush Servo Drives offer one of the world’s most powerful products for a given form factor. All models can operate in current (torque) or velocity (RPM) mode and accept a +/-10 VDC analog input as a command reference. All models can close the velocity loop via feedback of a DC tachometer. These drives are best suited for low inertia applications that require high bandwidth, low noise and zero crossover distortion and motors or voice coils which require high current loop bandwidths.

Command/Control Modes
+/-10 VDC for current (torque)
+/-10 VDC for velocity (RPM)
Analog tachometer (required for velocity control)
Dedicated Inputs
Single-ended or differential signal command, tachometer, +/- limits, inhibit/enable, fault, reset
Dedicated Outputs
Fault out
Bandwidth All servo drives have a nominal 10 kHz current loop bandwidth which varies with the motor inductance. Higher bandwidths are available upon request.
Linear output stage Provides high bandwidth, low noise and zero crossover distortion.
Multimode operation All models can operate in current (torque) or velocity (RPM) mode and accept a +/-10 VDC analog input as a command reference.
Heat dissipation (@ 25°C): 250 Watts continuous for the SMA5005 and 300 Watts continuous for the SMA5015.
Current limit Peak motor current is adjustable.
RoHS Compliant RoHS compliance optional.
CE Marked All servo drives are CE marked.
Tachometer Required for velocity feedback.
Dedicated inputs +/- limits, inhibit, fault and reset.
External fault reset An input is provided to reset the drive in the event of a fault.
Fault protection Short from output to output, short from output to ground, drive RMS over current, drive under/over voltage (SMA5015 only), and drive over temperature.
Status indicator 7-segment LED display indicates drive status on the SMA5015 and LED’s indicate status on the SMA5005.
Industry standard mounting Available in a Module, Multi-Axis, and Stand Alone configuration. Optional custom mounting configurations are available to meet virtually any requirement.
Ergonomic Design Easy access to connections, adjustments and test points.
SMT construction Provides ultra compact size, cost competitive package and high reliability.
Manual fault reset A push button reset is available on the SMA5015.
Electrical Ratings
Input Voltage: +/-24 to +/-75 Bipolar VDC for standard voltage drive modules. 17-39 VAC from transformer with center tap for stand alone packages. 17-53 VAC for multi-axis packages. Non-standard voltages available upon request.
Continuous Output Current: 5-10 A
Rated Power Dissipation: 250-300 W
Environmental Conditions
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 80°C
Standard Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C without current derating, up to 50°C with 25% derating
Special Operating Temperature: -40°C to 40°C without current derating, up to 50°C with 25% derating
Humidity: 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Altitude: Up to 1000m without derating, derate current 10% per 1000m above 1000m

SMA5005 Module Mechanical Dimensions

SMA5005 Module - Dimensions are in inches [mm]

SMA5005 Mechanical Dimensions

SMA5005 2-Axis Package - Dimensions are in inches [mm]

SMA5005 4-Axis Package - Dimensions are in inches [mm]

SMA5015 Mechanical Dimensions

SMA5015 Stand Alone - Dimensions are in inches [mm]