SMX9515-X06 Module Servo Drive

This product page covers SMB9515-006 and SMC9515-106 models (the Xs in SMX9515-X06 are variable placeholders). SMB models use bus power logic. SMC models require an external 24 VDC logic power supply.

The SMX9515-X06 Alpha Series Digital PWM Servo Drive in the Module package configuration operates from 24-70 VDC and can output up to 15 A of continuous current. SMX95 Alpha Series drives are a low cost alternative to SMX94 drives. They can control brushless (standard servo and high-speed spindle), brush type, rotary, linear, voice coil, and AC induction motors. They also offer expanded command and control modes, including pulse (step) and direction and encoder follower. Feedback is accepted from a wide range of devices and protocols, namely incremental encoders.

Command/Control Modes
+/-10 VDC typical for current (torque) or velocity (RPM)
Pulse (step) and direction
Encoder follower
External sine commutation (2-phase current mode)
PWM for current (torque) or velocity (RPM)
Incremental quadrature encoder
Digital Hall sensors or commutation tracks from encoder
Analog tachometer
Dedicated I/O: Analog signal command, +/- limits, inhibit/enable, fault, reset, motor temp, encoder and step & direction
Programmable analog out: 1 12-bit or optional 2 16-bit
General purpose relay: maximum 2 amps @ 30 VDC. Nais P/N: TQSA-5V
Environmental Conditions
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 80°C
Standard Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C without current derating, up to 50°C with 25% current derating
Special Operating Temperature: -40°C to 40°C without current derating, up to 50°C with 25% current derating
Humidity: 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Altitude: Up to 1000m without derating, derate current 10% per 1000m above 1000m
FOC All Alpha Series employ Field Oriented Control method which allows accurate control in both steady state or transient operation, and optimal orientation of the magnetic field.
Space Vector Modulation Glentek's advanced algorithms allow for maximum utilization of the DC bus voltage while generating minimum harmonic distortion of the currents in the winding of 3-phase AC motor.
Digital Current Loops Current loop bandwidths up to 3 kHz.
Digitally Tuned All parameters set digitally. No potentiometers to adjust. DSP control for the ultimate in high performance.
Parametric Filtering Provides control engineers advanced filtering to eliminate unwanted system mechanical resonance.
Smart-Comm Initialization Eliminates the need for Hall sensor or commutation tracks for many applications.
Auto Phase Advance Plug and Play for all types of three phase brushless motors. Provides control engineers the ability to connect any motor to the drive's motor outputs. The drives smart algorithm will automatically find and align the motor phases to allow for the most optimized smoothness and efficient commutation.
Sinusoidal Commutation For the ultimate in efficiency and smooth motion, commutates from almost any resolution linear, rotary encoder, or Hall sensors only.
Fault protection Short from output to output, short from output to ground, drive RMS over current, drive under/over voltage, drive over temperature, motor over temperature.
On-the-fly mode switching This feature allows the drive to switch between any mode of operation on-the-fly. That is, the drive can switch between current to velocity (or velocity to current), current to position (or position to current), and velocity to position (or position to velocity) while the motor is in motion. This feature is available upon request. Please contact Glentek application engineers for assistance.
Software configurable Glentek's Windows-based MotionMaestro software provides ease of set-up, monitoring and tuning with no previous programming experience required. MotionMaestro for Alpha series drives is Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 compatible. Click here to download.
Silent operation 25 kHz PWM standard.
Command/Control Modes +/-10V for current (torque) or velocity (RPM), pulse (step) and direction, encoder follower, external sine commutation (2-phase current mode), RS-232, RS-485, PWM for current (torque or velocity (RPM), and camming/gearing.
CE Marked All servo drives are CE marked.
RoHS Compliant RoHS compliance optional.
RS-232 or RS-485 High speed (115.2K baud) serial communication interface for setup and tuning and diagnostics.Note: RS-485 is optional.
Encoder feedback Accepts nominal encoder signals up to 5 MHz (maximum frequency of up to 10 MHz is possible, but is system dependent).
Tachometer feedback Accepts analog signals from all types of tachometer feedback.
Dedicated I/O Analog signal command, +/- limits, inhibit/enable, fault, reset, motor temp, encoder and step & direction. Programmable analog out: 1 12-bit or optional 2 16-bit. General purpose relay: maximum 2 amps @ 30 VDC. Nais P/N: TQSA-5V.
Complete isolation Complete isolation between signal and power stage.
Non-volatile memory All parameters are stored in non-volatile memory for reliable start up. In addition, up to four different configurations can be stored in the drive's non-volatile memory.
Relay outputs Two pins provide an interface for the relay. They turn on when a desired condition occurs.
Status indicator 7-segment display indicates drive status and diagnostics.
SMT construction Provides ultra compact size, cost competitive package and high reliability.