Welcome to our new site!


We’ve added a host of new features aimed with providing you the best experience possible. They include simplified navigation, advanced product filtering, and a new downloads section.

Simplified Navigation

Everything can be accessed with a few clicks from the navigation bar. Look up various product lines to see overview, features, specifications, and more. About, contact us, downloads, it’s all there.

Advanced Product Filtering

At the core of our new site is the product filter. If you are trying to find a servo motor or a servo drive for your application, start there. You can select from a variety of features and options, such an input voltage, output current, and command/control modes for servo drives, or torque (in Nm and Lb-in) and max RPM for servo motors. Select a product to view that model’s product page for more information.


The downloads section is a handy tool for locating our catalog, manuals, datasheets, and MotionMaestro. You can search or use the dropdowns. We also have a video section. Stay tuned for instructional videos and product spotlights!