GMB5654-70 Servo Motor

The GMB5654-70 permanent magnet brushless servo motor uses Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) magnets, which when combined with low inertia rotors, provide more torque in a smaller package with higher dynamic performance than traditional ferrite magnet designs. Due to the high torque to inertia ratio of this motor, it is ideal for applications which require high acceleration and deceleration characteristics, or where the physical size of the motor is a major concern. In addition, this motor incorporates a skewed stator, which provides low cogging torque and ultra smooth operation at all speeds. The GMB5654-70 outputs up to 210 Lb-in (23.7 Nm) of continuous torque, and has a maximum speed of 2700 RPM. Industry standard English and metric mounting configurations are available.

Standard Features
High-energy Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) magnet design with low inertia rotors provides a high dynamic performance, high torque to inertia ratio and one of the world?s most powerful motors for a given mechanical form factor.
Special design provides ultra smooth operation (i.e. low cogging torque) at all speeds.
Constructed to withstand the toughest industrial environment with rugged, high performance bearings and TENV construction with IP65 sealing.
Normally closed thermal switch provides over temperature protection.
Various electrical windings are available as standard to suit both low (120 VAC) and high (230 VAC) voltage drives in order to provide optimum speed and torque characteristics.
Worldwide standard mounting configurations (i.e. English, Metric, and NEMA).
Encoder with commutation tracks, brushless resolvers, or Hall sensors are the standard feedback devices offered.
Shaft keyway.
Class H insulation.
UL Recognized Component for the US and Canada.
CE marked.
RoHS compliant.
Optional Features
Custom electrical windings are available to meet virtually any requirement as well as 380 and 460 VAC line voltages.
Custom mounting configurations are available to meet virtually any requirement.
Absolute serial encoders (both single and multi-turn).
Analog Sin/Cos encoder.
24 VDC holding brake.
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Magnet Type


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